It is not a good day for clouds.

I hate this new medicine.

end of story

I don’t even care if im split, or schizo, or what.

I just want to know.

There’s just those days that make you want to pull the trigger.

God i just wish anything could last or be the way it used to be.

When something goes wrong i hit overdrive to try and fix it.

But what about when you don’t know what it is?

hhaha i wanna diee

I just want to drift away so simply.

God, its like it doesn’t get better ever.

you find new drugs, you find new ways, you continue to feel lke shit about what you do but do nothing to stop it. 

what do you do when you just have nothing left to give, theres no more gas in this engine, and im so afraid of what happens when it’s all completely gone.

I don’t see any way of ever making sense of all the things in my head, and i know it will never happen.

I can’t even sleep normally, even with pills.

I can do bad all by myself.

and i will.




Your password is too weak does it even lift?

Epiphanies of adulthood;

You know you’re an adult when It’s 3AM and your crying, drunk, watching barney wondering where your childhood went.

Atleast i know how it’s gonna be 

You always think your at the end until your there.

This is it, if this feeling doesn’t go away by 12pm if that. i’m doin it,

That’s when you know, it has nothing to do with people, friends family. All the expectations and the ability to fail at every turn.

and It’s finally going to stop :)

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